CodePSU In 2015

Welcome To CodePSU Spring 2015

CodePSU is based on the ACM's International Collegiate Programming Contest. CodePSU is broken up into two separate groups: Intermediate and Advanced. The intermediate tier will be tailored to freshman and sophomore computer science students. The advanced tier will be tailored to junior and senior computer science students.

Languages supported: C11, C++11, Python 2.7.6, Python 3.4.0, Java 1.8

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Email questions and concerns to

Where: 113 IST (Cybertorium)
When: March 21st 2015 from 11AM-7PM

11-12:30 pm: Nibbles and Bytes
12-1 pm: Check-in
1-2 pm: Introduction
2-6 pm: Competition
6-7 pm: Dinner/Awards

Spring 2015 Prizes

The prizes will be awarded per team. If you have more than one team member, your prize will be divided evenly among all members.
Place Advanced Tier Intermediate Tier
First $480 $300
Second $390 $210
Third $330 $150
Everyone else got free SWAG!

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